Thursday, December 17, 2009

Right On Cue

I promise I have not died and the birth story is coming...


My child has such perfect timing it is scary... The first time I noticed it, we were watching a show on TV. There was a family of horrible singers on and shortly after they began to sing, she started to cry... it was hilarious!!!

The next time was when my mother-in-law (MIL) was at the house... Bailey was lying on the floor and my husband and MIL were sitting on the couch. MIL was holding Kayden when my husband smelled a horrible stench which could only have originated from the bowels of Bailey... the smell drifted along to MIL... all of a sudden, Kayden made a face and started to cry... I guess she didn't like the smell either :-)

But the best example of timing was on 12/15. Kayden was lying on her changing pad and was really talkative... so I grabbed the camera and started to video tape her... then she laughed....


For some reason it is not letting me upload the clip but here are some smiley pics that will just have to do:


She is 3 months today... 14 lbs... time sure does fly...