Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bragging Rights

Bailey completed her first 5k on May 10th.

It has been months since I really ran any distance so this was a challenge for both of us. We ran and walked off and on throughout and we probably ended up running about half the time...

The funniest part was about a half mile before the finish line and Bailey decided she was done. She stopped to poop and then I thought she was looking for a place to potty when she just laid down... She got up again pretty easily and finished okay but we were both pretty tired.

After the run, they had contests for Best Trick, Best Kisser, Biggest/Smallest Dog, Best Costume, and Owner/Dog Look-a-Like. I was so proud... Bailey won the Best Kisser contest!!! She got this huge prize pack with treats and a nice bowl and a gift certificate for an embroidered collar and leash.


On the 18th, we went to another event where they had agility clinics, microchipping, and other dog related activities. We did the agility clinic but Bailey wanted to lay down in the tunnel instead of running through it.

After we played in the make-shift off-leash dog park area for a while, I took Bailey to see what all was involved in earning the AKC Canine Good Citizen award. Again, my blogging skills are lacking so you'll have to Google it to see what it's really all about. Basically, it's the first step to becoming a therapy dog, but you don't have to take it that far. And you know what? My little over achiever passed the test and earned her CGC on the first try! She is just 6 months old...


My husband insisted a couple weeks ago that Bailey wouldn't break 60 pounds. I told him he was nuts... she was not yet 6 months old and she was 54 lbs already.

She weighed in at 58.8 lbs on the 18th at 6 months-1 week. My guess is that she will be around 75 lbs when she's done growing.

Friday, May 9, 2008

When It Rains It Pours Part Two

To catch you up:

My job is being contrated out so I am losing my job and waiting to hear if the new folks are going to hire me to do the job I am currently doing or not.

Frig/freezer and stove die on the same day.

Car is hit in a parking lot after purchsing a mini-frig to tide us over.


Still waiting to hear about the job.

Frig/freezer came back on. I still won't use it for anything other than a pantry until we can get someone to come look at it. However, half the places I tried said that since it is currently working, they could only guess what was wrong. They suggested I wait til it dies again, then call them. Wonderful... it could be months.

Girl that hit me in the parking lot? No current insurance coverage. And I only have her name and (incorrect)insurance contact info. I have her license plate, too, but since it happend on private property, the local police will not pursue her. They said it was my insurance company's job to track her down. Which means my insurance will go up...

I am on a roll:

I got a flat tire yesterday. Sucks, but no big deal... just had to change it. Except that the spare tire was also flat. I just drove it to the nearest gas station and aired it up there...

We had our neighborhood garage sale last weekend and when it was over, we donated what was left to a local charity who provides our neighborhood with a drop-off spot each year. After we loaded our 7 trash bags full of clothes, a couch, a queen-sized head board, a shelving unit, and 2 boxes of other stuff, they refused to give us a receipt.

Signs of the light ahead:

After 5 days and multiple phone calls to the local charity and our neighborhood association, the charity finally agreed to give us a receipt after my husband threatened to go to their wearhouse and go through all 20+ trucks, one by one, to find our stuff so we could take it to someplace who would issue us a receipt.

In spite of all this, I am still smiling. When the spare tire was flat, I just laughed... because what else could I do?

I have decided God is defeinately testing me. I just wish I knew what it was that I had to do to pass.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Night Of The Twisters"

Do any of you remember that book from childhood? I think I read it 3 times.

Anyway, we had some severe weather come through a few days ago. I was watching TV and all my fave shows were broken into because of all the tornadoes and severe t-storms that were making their way through our area.

Most everything was way north of us but I told one of my neighbors that if the sirens went off, I was coming over. We don't have a basement and the closet that had been designated the "tornado closet" the day we moved into the house was now full of items for the care of my husband's 450 gallon fish tank, including a smaller "frag" tank.

So about 9:30 I was laying in bed watching the reports and the storm was looking like it might clip our little community. All of a sudden, the TV screen went blue (like the "blue screen of death" that you get on computers) and a voice came over the air that said "This is the (local) fire department. Please take cover immediately." So I jumped up and threw on some slippers and headed toward the door. By the time I grabbed Bailey's leash, my neighbor was banging on my door. The sirens were going off as we walked out the door.

I sent my husband a text message to let him know where I was since he was at work. I got a text from a girlfriend who lives 45 minutes southwest of us saying "Tornado heading your way!" My neighbors still had power so we kept watching the weather reports for about 3o minutes. Then all of a sudden everything was over. The sirens went off, the weather people were like "its over, see you later" and the regular programming resumed. So Bailey and I went home.

With a fish tank as large as ours, there is a lot of background noise in our house. Since I knew we were in for some more severe stuff later that night, I left my bedroom window open so I could hear the sirens if they went off again. Our house is semi-subterranean so my husband told me to take shelter in the bathroom that is mostly under ground if we had anymore warnings. I left the TV on in the bedroom and Bailey and I went to sleep.

About 2am, I awoke to a soft growl from Bailey. I wasn't sure what she was growling at until I realized the window was still open and the roar coming from outside was just like the "freight train" I hear folks describe after they have been through a tornado. I pulled Bailey up next to me and covered us with the blankets. There was no way I was gonna walk through our living room with the large glass fish tank if there was a tornado about to hit. The TV folks were not reporting any rotation at the time but they said they had reports of 70-80 mph straight line winds.

I laid there with my dog and waited for the storm to pass. There was lightening and thunder and rain that went sideways, but no sirens or actual tornado warnings. But the sound of that roaring, steady-state wind will be with me for a long time.

Here are some pics of the damage 4 blocks from the home of a co-worker:


52.1 lbs on 5/4

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cabin Fever

Things Bailey has eaten in the past 30 days:

3 pairs of Victoria's Secret underwear
$45 in cash
1 state ID card
1 credit card
1 TV remote
4 tennis balls
1 "tuff" toy
1 dog bed pillow
1 dog bed pillow case
1 set of directions for Amish Friendship Bread

When I say "eaten" I don't necessarily mean ingested. I just mean that they were broken, destroyed, and/or shredded beyond recognition.

In spite of my cycling her toys, I can only guess that she is just bored and needs some quality time at the dog park, which, due to rainy weather and recovery from her surgery, we have not been to since the 2nd week of April.

Don't get me wrong, we have played outside with her ball and Frisbee almost daily. But it just isn't enough for a growing, large-breed puppy.

Coupled with the fact that it's difficult to supervise her when we are asleep, we are just asking for trouble. And with her being in the kennel all day while we are at work, it's hard to put her in there at night.

We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow afternoon. I plan to beg to be released for some dog-park play.