Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sibbling Rivalry


For whatever reason lately, both my girls (human & canine) have been a mess for my attention. And it's always at the same time.

Kayden is still nursing. We have a spot on the couch where we cuddle while we nurse. Bailey used to just come up and lay next to us... now she wants to be on top of us... and neither Kayden nor I are happy about that. She will "pop-off" of me and whine and push Bailey away. If I try to move Bailey from the ON position to the NEXT TO spot, Kayden will still whine and try to push her further away. This is only concerning to me because Kayden used to smile really big (without popping-off) whenever she felt Bailey at her feet or under her shoulders... so what's changed?

It happens the other way around, too... if I am giving Bailey some one-on-one attention, Kayden abandons whatever "project" she was working on and will ask for a cookie or to be picked up and carried around.... WHAT GIVES!?!?!?

They do play well together... at times, they can each be a little rough, but both take correction well... in general, they play really well as a couple and independently. They chase each other around and Kayden will throw the ball for Bailey to chase. They wrestle and lick and roll around on the floor together... it's wonderful to watch!

And when they are occupied with each other or by themselves, I am able to get a few things done, like laundry folded/put away, bathroom cleaned, fire started or stoked, etc.

So why, all of a sudden, does Bailey ALWAYS want her cold, wet nose on my arm (or in my lap) while I'm nursing and why is Kayden so opposed to it? And why does Kayden seem to interrupt whenever I try to play with Bailey & give her the attention SHE needs?

Maybe it's the cabin fever... Spring, where are you!?!?!?

Someone posted the other day that in our area, the average temp in 3 weeks will be 50+ degrees... in 3 short weeks, spring will be upon us!

For now, though, we are on our 3rd day of single digit temps in a row....