Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Funnies

The other night, while showering, I felt a small bump on the bottom of my belly, past the point where I can see.  I looked at it in a mirror when I got out and it looked like a small tic... Frantic, I yelled for Mike to come take a closer look... He had me lay back on the bed so he could see the spot in better light... While he was looking really close, The Bean kicked... HARD... startling Mike and making him jump about 10 feet in the air and let some interesting vocab escape his mouth.... And that was what set off my laughing jag for the evening... ;-)

(It wasn't a tic, thank God!)


Over the weekend, Kayden happened upon Mike and me while he was giving me a hug:

Kayden: I want in!

(Kayden proceeds to try to wedge herself between us while Mike does his best to keep her out and I try not to laugh at her plight...)

Finally, Mike lets go and steps back, and she gives me a hug... she then turns her back to me and opens her arms for Mike to hug her between us.

Mike: It's a sandwich!

Kayden: Yeah, and I'm the ham!

And yet another giggle fest for Mama... ;-)


I'm large... very large... I am past the weight I was when I went to the hospital to deliver Kayden... and I have 10 weeks to go.... I actually split one of my 2 pairs of maternity dress pants today.... Had to break out the sewing machine to fix them....

This pregnancy has been much tougher on me than Kayden was... I can tell I'm older but I'm trying my hardest to enjoy it...

30 weeks as of yesterday....