Friday, January 25, 2008

Pics and Potty Training

I know... you want more pics...

So here they are:

We got Bailey's ears cropped. I didn't really have an opinion about it but my husband insisted. And all the adult dobes I saw that had natural ears just looked like labs with long noses so I was okay with it.

She has done pretty well so far... not really messing with the block or anything. And when she does, she takes our re-direction fairly well. When she is left in her kennel when we leave, we put the dough-nut on so she doesn't rip out a stitch in our absence. We went with the dough-nut instead of the lamp-shade because the lamp-shade whould have pushed her ears forward.

She likes her kennel. She will go there to lay down if she is tired and we are up doing stuff around the house. We try not to put her in there too much. Only when we leave the house or at night if she wants to play while we are trying to sleep. And it seems to be working because she goes there on her own and that is what we want.

The potty training is coming along. She still has accidents but those are more our fault than her's. It's just hard to stay outside with her to make sure she goes when it is 3 degrees (and that is the actual temp, not the wind chill). She usually goes potty pretty fast when we get out there. Then she runs around for a while. Then she goes and sits in front of the door and waits for us to let her in, which is an improvement because she used to whine and scratch at the door. Once we get back in, she plays for a few minutes and then I find a pile on the floor. We increased our time outside and tried going out more often but it didn't work... But I am not too worried. Last night, she went into her kennel where her puppy pad was and went potty right on it... She is 10 weeks and 4 days old and the experts say not to expect too much until they are 12 weeks old so I am pleased with what we have accomplished so far.

She is growing fast. She was 12 lbs when we brought her home on the 5th and weighed 16 lbs on the 21st. I am trying to take lots of pics. We even did a footprint with a kit bought at a local pet store. But I have had to adjust her collar and harness about once a week... I hope I am doing enough to preserve these puppy days... they are going to be gone before I know it!

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