Friday, February 8, 2008


Bailey had her first play date on Saturday 2/2.

We visited Bella, a cocker-maltese-poodle mix who is about 1 1/2 years old. They are about the same size for now so it worked out well. They played a lot in the back yard and when they were inside, Bailey was very well behaved. She didn't have any accidents and didn't try to chew on anything. And she slept like a log that night.

At Bella's house, the step up to the deck from the yard is kinda big. If Bailey could get a running start, she could make it. But most of the time, Bella blocked her way. Not on purpose, though. She was just excited to have a puppy friend to play with.

So without even knowing she was doing it, Bella was the alpha dog for the day. Which is good considering Bailey was the alpha of her litter at the time we brought her home and she needed to learn that she would not always be the alpha in her canine relationships.

On Sunday 2/3, we had our first puppy class. She did very well considering she hadn't really been on a leash before. Some things were new, like making eye contact on command and the introduction/loading of the clicker. But there were a few things she could already do, like sit on command.

The other puppies in the class were playful and social with her. There was Garcia the Sheltie, Gracie the Austrailian Shepard, another Bella (a shih tzu), and Brutis, a 5-month-old, 60 lb Neopolitain Mastif, who had no idea how big he actually was.

The potty training is coming along. As long as we watch her close and take her out often, she does well. It's when we slack off or get distracted with house hold chores that she has accidents. At present, I am just happy when she goes outside or on her puppy pad. Hopefully as she grows, she will gain more bladder and bowel control so she can do both in one outing so we can reduce the amount of times we go out.

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